professional achievements

One of the most significant achievements on his career has been the deployment of a nationwide network in the Philippines which interconnected more than 7,000 islands and 6 Telecommunications Companies in a record time. This, was his controbution for the accomplishment of the first automated National Elections of this country being May 10th the deadline . Having only 6 months to design and implement this entire network he had to start with the creation of a Meet-Me-Rooms, some of the challenges this job involved:
  • Putting together different network technologies like Satellite (VSATs, BGANs), Cellular (GPRS, 3G), Landlines (xDSL) and Leased Lines from many different providers and converge all these into a one big -private- Network specially tailor-made for Electoral Data Transmission.
  • To diminish possibilities of DDoS and wireless jamming attacks.
  • Designing and dimensioning secure connections for main locations where data needed to be consulted like pressrooms, congress and the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV).
  • Designing and dimensioning of the WAN/LAN for the National Support Center, which was composed by a call center of mora than 600 operators intended to support the logistic and people on field. This infrastructure represented a very important part of the operational side of the project.

Another major achievement on his career was the correct diagnose and later solution of a problem in a wireless network that didn’t comply with the requirement made by the client. Resolution of this problem meant the successful accomplishment of one milestone in the project as well as the entire satisfaction of the client with this deliverable. The problem in this case, resided in the backplane of the wireless devices which didn't meet the specifications established on data-sheets by vendor becoming this on a case of study for the manufacturer. In order to diagnose and solve the problem, it was necessary a well-planned test protocol executed on a model in a laboratory built for that purpose. This task wouldn't have been successfully accomplished without the help of specialists of different areas like applications, infrastructure, and digital risks among others who collaborated and worked guided by him.

international certifications
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) by the Nation Association Of Fire Investigators
  • ITIL ® v3 Foundation
    • APM GROUP | License ITIL/US029573
  • ITIL ® Practitioner [v3] - Operational Support & Analysis (OSA)
    • APM Group | License 929028
  • ITIL ® Practitioner [v3] - Release, Control & Validation (RCV)
    • APM Group | License 929028
  • ITIL ® Practitioner [v3] - Planning, Protection & Optimization (PPO)
    • APM Group | License 929028

trainings, workshops and other certifications
  • Management Key Indicators & Performance Assessment - workshop
  • Effective negotiation techniques - workshop
  • Supervision strategies - workshop
  • PMP Fundamentals - workshop
  • Puppet Master Training by puppet labs - training
  • Ceragon FIBEAIR IP-10 O&M - training
  • Asterisk Advanced course by digium - training
  • Effective project management - workshop
  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices part 1 (ICND1) - training
  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices part 2 (ICND2) - training
  • Lucent NAVIS OMS user training (TR4530) - training
  • WiFi Penetration: Prices Vs Massification - workshop
  • Network Administrator - training

awards and honorific mentions
  • Honor Roll for excellent academic performance - University

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